Breaking Up The Crowd

Drama newcomers perform 'The Nine Worst Breakups of All Time'

Melanie White, Photo Editor

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Melanie White
Twirling with his castmate in his arms, freshman Dylan Arnold acts in the third worst break up of all time, according to the play. In this breakup, after a romantic dinner Arnold got down on one knee to break up with his ex-girlfriend to be.

Melanie White
Hitting her castmate with a club, freshman Claire Powell acts as a cave-woman breaking up with her husband. Each act in this play contained a count down to the worst breakup of all time.

Melanie White
Glaring into the audience, freshman Emily Brixey stews in her anger at her potential prom date who proclaims he just went through the “worst break up of all time.” “It’s hard to exaggerate so much so that the audience laughs,” she said.

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