News in Photos February 2018

Melanie White, Photo Editor

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Melanie White
Cheering for the seniors playing Knock Out, senior Nick McLaury yells. During the Winter Sports Assembly, the December and January teachers of the month were announced — science teachers John Holloway and Charlena Sieve.

Melanie White
Acting as the arms of his castmate, senior Garrett Gunnerson reaches for a jolly rancher on the floor. “Everyone is super supportive,” he said. “The people are super fun.”

Cassidy Carpenter
Looking through sheets of music, junior Hamilton Brown switches songs during the Blue Valley Band’s spaghetti concert, which entices eighth graders to join the band. “I have a lot of friends in band,” he said. “We all work really hard over the season to put out a good show.”

Melanie White
Waving a flag, junior Josh Harrington acts in the Repertory Theatre’s winter play “Urinetown.” In the play, citizens fought for the right to pee for free. “My favorite part about theatre is the atmosphere. Everyone is super nice and we’re all like a huge family.”

Cassidy Carpenter
Giving a speech, senior Kevin Man practices for the State debate competition. “[The debate topic this year, which is] education, applies pretty well to the real world,” Man said. “The policies that we talk about actually affect us.”

Victoria Wilson
Dancing with her partner, senior Ady Shaw performs with the Chamber Singers. “I love how we include classic choral pieces but also modern pop pieces and pieces from musical theater,” she said.

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