March 2018 News in Photos

Melanie White, Photo Editor

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Melanie White
Having just popped her eyes, senior Cat Simmons crawls on the floor during “The Distracted Scholar’s Guide to Literature and Drama.” “One of my favorite parts [about Rep Theatre] is being able to work on things in class,” she said.

Kaitlin Yu
Hiding under a bench, senior Will Becker hugs a pineapple during “Much Ado About Nothing.” “I like acting because it’s free,” Becker said. “I [get to] express myself and there’s a lot of creative room.”

Kaitlin Yu
Playing the violin, sophomore William Jiang performs in the band concert March 1. Avian Bear, the current band director announced her retirement. The new band director, Paul Besseti will be taking her place in the fall of 2019.

Molly Holmes
Belly flopping into the pool, senior Nick McLaury competes in the cannonball contest that promoted the swim team. “I went for a little bit of a different approach,” he said. “[I] did a belly flop to get the crowd to laugh.”

Melanie White
Performing for the freshman class, junior Sindhuja Manda dances in a traditional Indian dance. “[I had a really good time] performing the Bollywood dance for the school,” she said.

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