Tiger Tidbits March 2019

Smiling at the audience, junior Olivia Wells performs a Chamber’s number. “My favorite part about Chambers is going on trips,” Wells said. “This year we’re going to New York.”


Giving a teammate a handshake, senior Jeffrey Greenfield gets ready for a game. “My job is to hype the guys up,” Greenfield said. “There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for those guys.”


Holding up trophies and cheering, Mr. Bacon celebrates the dance team’s success. The Tigerettes went to NDA Nationals in Orlando and placed 7th in the nation.


Performing in the senior boy’s sweetheart routine, Luke Crawford and Nick McClain run across the floor. “My favorite part was the practices,” Crawford said. “Getting to hangout with my friends was great.”


Preparing to dive off the block, freshman George Xue competes at the EKL swim meet. The boy’s swim team competed at State Feb. 15 and 16.


Dancing in a Chamber’s routine, senior Carlie Sauntry performs at a choir concert. “I have the responsibility of being co-president of the choir department,” Sauntry said. “I love spending everyday with my best friends.”