Making Music

Wind Ensemble, Chambers Orchestra perform side-by-side concert


As the music department continues to grow, the band and orchestra held a side-by-side concert on Thursday, March 2 in the Performing Arts Center. 

For band teacher Paul Bessetti and orchestra student Maxine Baker, with both the Wind Ensemble and the Chambers Orchestra having state-level musicians, the music they perform is challenging, to say the least. 

While most high school level band music is between a level of three and five, the band “pretty much only plays grade fives in our Wind Ensemble.” 

Likewise, the band is, “going to play one of [the] state assessment pieces, ‘Elsa’s Procession to the Cathedral,’ and another one that is going to be determined based on progress,” Bessetti said.

For the orchestra, the music consisted of a mixture of “La la Land” songs and waltzes by Aram Khachaturian, Baker said. 

The songs performed not only displayed the talent of the students but what the future might look like for both departments as they continue to grow in number and talent. 

But, the history of both the band and the orchestra playing together is something that has started back up since after the pandemic. 

“Last year was our first time having a joint concert since before Covid,” Bessetti said. 

Truthfully though, the reason that both the band and orchestra chose to have this event is for the students to grow as musicians and get the opportunity to hear others play music they also might enjoy. 

So as both the band and the orchestra continue to grow in talent, it’s only reasonable that both departments can get more students and continue to accomplish great things. 

“The feeling of accomplishment when you finish a piece — truthfully music can tell a story,” Baker said. “Whether it be a bold entrance that makes the audience jump or a graceful exit at the end of the piece that leaves everyone on their feet.”