Students, staff, administration need to be held accountable, should strive for a more inclusive community

Students, staff, administration need to be held accountable,  should strive for a more inclusive community

Hate has been a long-standing issue within Blue Valley but recently has been re-highlighted due to the harsh vandalism to the stadium press box, which catapulted BV into the public eye. 

Prior to recent events, the subtle microaggressions students did toward one another were quickly swept under the rug, attempting to keep up the reputation of BV as the “best school in the country.” 

But as time went on, these acts of aggression have gotten more prominent and vile and can no longer be dismissed.

Though it’s saddening that it has taken such extreme measures to finally rein in this behavior, the administration should not be shocked because of several warning signs from previous years. 

While it’s easy to say “remove hate in BV” and or “hatred doesn’t belong in Blue Valley,” at the end of the day, these are just words on a piece of paper and statements that go through one ear and come out the other. 

What truly matters is people who are willing to take action and prevent these events from occurring again because, yes, the administration is a part of the problem by not responding to the constant bullying — but this issue also falls onto the students and staff. 

All students and staff should be forced to take responsibility for their actions and need to hold their peers accountable as well. 

If you are still friends with someone who is proudly racist, homophobic, sexist, anti-semitic, or otherwise prejudiced, you are still a part of the problem if you voluntarily choose to hang out with them. 

Moreover, there is not one singular person or party to blame regarding how hate has poisoned our community — there are only so many speeches and articles that can be presented. 

What needs to be done is people coming together to form a more inclusive culture — no one should be scared to come to school because of the whispers they hear in the hallway or the gestures made in front of their faces while walking to class. 

Actions will always speak louder than words, and it’s high time for this horrid bigotry to be eliminated.