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Jackie Chang, Web Editor

700 Food cans for seven days

In collaboration, the Seven Days committee, Tiger Pride, and connection students have worked together to collect food donations for the newly opened BVSD food pantry. Their goal is to collect 700 hundred cans — 100 for each of the Seven Days. The donations will go to employees and families in the BV community.

“Our goal is to make this a tradition every year as a way for the students of BVH to give back during this week of focusing on kindness,” SevenDays sponsor Dianne O’Bryan said.







Last year’s seniors gift a flag

The Class of 2022 gifted the south gym a fresh new American flag. Since last year’s seniors could not host Prom as juniors due to Covid and had raised enough money for the flag, Student Council was asked to help pitch in. 

President of StuCo, senior Amber Briere spoke on why the Class of 2022 wanted to gift the flag. 

“They decided the flag works best because the whole plan was to get something [in the gym] that benefited the whole school and not just athletics,” she said.








A Trip for the Band

Every four years, the BV band skies the slopes of Colorado at a ski-music festival. Continuing tradition, the band left for Colorado on April 12. 

Junior Ainsley Hileman was looking forward to it. 

“I’m excited for the opportunity for the band to take a trip and spend time [together],” she said. 

The ski-music festival featured a competition among concert bands from all over the country and also a variety of snow activities.