2020 predictions

Asking around school what people think 2020 is going to bring

2020 predictions

Chloe Browning, Story Editor



Mary Kate Arnett, 9 

“[There will be] robot pantries — like type in a food, and it goes and gets it.”

“Ski Mask is gonna die.”


Will Stroud, 9

“Juice Wrld’s gonna come back alive.”


Sophie DeVeney, 10

“The entire school will die from vaping.”


Carson Bulkeley, 10

“[The] Clippers will win the NBA championship.”


James Donnici, 11

 “The dinosaurs are coming back.”


Maya Williams,11

“I’m going to get Tik Tok famous.”


Carson Hunter, 11

“2Pac [is] gonna come back.”


Jay Fritzler, 12

“We’re gonna like announce a mission to colonize the moon.”


Sammy Behrndt, 12

“There [will be] a Hurricane Sammy.”


Chase Taulbee, 12

“NHL MVP Nick David. NBA MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo.”


Mr. Jones, Teacher

“The economy will go down”


Mrs.Neal, Teacher

“Meghan Markle will have another kid AND the family will not return to England”