Video: Sweetheart 2013 Sprit Week

Meghan Kennedy, Hailey McEntee, Staff Writer, Design and News Editor

Sweetheart tradition was upheld this week, as students dressed in crazy outfits for spirit week. Students put together creative outfits to go along with the theme for each day. Monday was 80’s workout day, and the seniors won the class competition points for this day. Tuesday was music genre day, and the sophomores won the class competition points — the freshman genre was rock, the sophomores genre was hip hop and rap, the juniors genre was pop, and the seniors genre was country. Wednesday was Disney and Pixar day, and some costumes on this day included The Incredibles, Minnie Mouse, Toy Story characters, various Disney princesses. Thursday was the traditional black and gold day. The Sweetheart dance was this Saturday, Feb. 16 at 8 p.m. in the gym.