World traveler — Adventuring to different corners of the globe contributes to understanding cultures

Kelly Cordingley, Staff Writer
April 8, 2011

Australia. Rwanda. Morocco. Paris. Amsterdam. Canada. Belgium. Senior Walter Vaughn has traveled to many countries with his family. “I’m reminded by my parents how fortunate I am to have traveled so much at an early age,” Vaughn said. Vaughn took his first trip to Australia when he was 15 years... Read more »

People to People International connects students to new cultures

Annie Matheis, News Editor
April 8, 2011

A letter arrived in the mail with People to People Ambassador Program stamped on the envelope. Sophomore Alex Robinson tossed the letter aside, believing it to be a scam. But, after researching it online, Alex found out People to People is an organization meant to bring different cultures together. “I... Read more »

Love for travel inspires senior to pursue education in multiple foreign languages

Sara Naatz, Managing Editor
April 8, 2011

Hello. Salve. Hola. Bonjour. Words of four different languages swim through senior Joseph Davies’ head as he attempts to pick the right ones. During his high school career, Davies has taken a semester of Latin, three years of Spanish and four years of French. He said his passion for world cultures... Read more »