Humans of BV: Ella Quigley


Frannie Lamberti, Publication Editor

At the beginning of the school year, junior Ella Quigley got a new puppy named Kiki. 

“Kiki is a maltipoo and she is only a few weeks old,” Quigley said. 

Kiki is a maltipoo and was only a few weeks old when Quigley got her. Her family got a new dog because she wanted a new family member after the loss of their previous dog. 

“We got a new dog because our recent dog died,” Quigley said. “We wanted another pet in the family again.”

Now Quigley has two dogs in her life again.

“We have another dog named Rocco,” Quigley said. “He is a black cockapoo.”

Spending time with her new dog is fun for Quigley.

“My favorite thing about getting Kiki is taking cute pictures with her,” Quigley said.