Fantasy Football

The Game that is Expanding Worldwide

Jordan Clark, fall 2016 j1 student

Fantasy Football is one of the most popular online games these days. Everywhere you look, you hear people in the talking about how good their team did and always looking up injuries. Fantasy Football makes people more interested in the NFL. Recently i conducted a few interviews to learn more aboscreen-shot-2016-09-22-at-10-14-08-amut the game. One of my interviews involved freshman Sean Pleimann who has played for four years.

Freshman Sean Pleimann has played Fantasy Football for four years.

“Fantasy Football is fun experience and I like competing with my friends.

It’s kind of similar to a video game but with real life players” Pleimann said.

Freshman Sam Willeford said some people make Fantasy Football a big deal, talked about draft strategies, and common themes in Fantasy Football Draft.

“I don’t really look up facts. I don’t take it that seriously, but I know that some people that do it’s like the highlight of their weekend” said Willeford

Pleimann also had some input on that as well “ Fantasy Football is just a game — it isn’t a life or death situation”.

Willeford also went on and said when asked him about any draft strategies he has. “[Not really well] it depends on where you pick in the draft then it starts from there