Collision leaves senior shaken, wary of driving after being hit by drunk driver

Kelly Cordingley, Staff Writer
May 6, 2011

Sitting at the intersection of 151st Street and Nall Avenue. Waiting for the light to turn green. Wham. A drunk driver slams into her car from behind. Her head smacks the steering wheel, and her knees crash against the dashboard. A drunk driver hit senior Breanna Dowling on March 31. “He hit me once... Read more »

Senior prepares to serve country in National Guard

Annie Matheis, News Editor
May 6, 2011

One weekend a month, senior Michelle Stratman practices marching. She executes commands. She runs, does push-ups and sit-ups and learns how to assemble an M-16 rifle. Michelle joined the Kansas Army Reserve National Guard on Feb. 12. She said she wanted to serve in the military since researching the... Read more »

Licensed to kill — Seniors compete for cash prize in assassins game

Jordan Huesers, Features Editor
April 8, 2011

His weapon of choice: The leaky red water gun. His backpack holds two more. If he sees his target at long range, his Super Soaker is readily available in the passenger seat. Senior Ryan O’Toole is one of 193 seniors participating in Senior Assassins. “It makes it really hard to focus on doing homework... Read more »