News in Photos April 2017

Melanie White and Claire Stein

Melanie White
Preparing to drop a Connect 4 piece, junior Cat Simmons acts in Friday Night Live. FNL was on April 7. “I enjoy being able to do what is considered an extracurricular acitvity during the day,” she said.
Melanie White
Watching the progress, junior Anna Quigley gives blood. The blood drive took place on April 18 to kick off the SevenDays events. “I’ve given blood since I was only enough to do so and love that I’m able to [save people’s lives] by giving so little myself,” she said.
Melanie White
Helping to pie a teacher, senior Jordan King laughs at the turmoil she caused. Tiger Pride used the activity as a fundraiser. “I’ve gotten close with her on my last three years of cheer and we thought it was funny,” she said. “It was also low-key payback for all of those late night practices.”
Claire Stein
Reaching for ping pong balls, junior Steve Babcock plays “Hungry Hungry Hippos.” This game was played as a class competition at the spring assembly. “I wanted to help carry my grade and team to victory,” Babcock said.