Hope in the Streets

Why life is so much more important than dwelling on what we don’t have

Loren Reed, Staff Writer

We often remind ourselves how fortunate we are to have what we have.

We don’t all have the same privileges and opportunities, but what we fail to realize is that life is about so much more than what we don’t have.

The common privileges that we remind ourselves of are our roofs over our heads, the food on our table, our families and possibly the opportunity to receive an education.

Life is simple and short.

Lived once through, given one chance, there are several things that we abort to recognize. Happiness is not a destination, rather a journey.

Complaining won’t get us anywhere, and if anything, it reminds us that our complaints are secondary.





Selfishness is one thing that seems to be consumed around here.

How many of you have closets full of clothes, but see a top on a rack that is a must have? Do you ever stop to think about those who are constantly smiling with nothing but the shirt off of their backs? Need and want mean two totally different things. What about those whose only decision for the day is ham or turkey?

Let me elaborate: once or twice a month, I drive north of the Missouri River to feed the homeless with an organization called Hope in the Streets.

It’s a grounding opportunity to realize how fortunate we really are. Provided sandwiches and waters, a route is run in the Vittle Van in order to distribute these meals.

On average, anywhere from 75-110 people are served each night. Whether these people are out in the open, up, under a bridge or coming out from the trees, they always have three things to say. The majority always say what kind of sandwich they want, they always thank us, and they always say “God bless.”

These people have God in their lives, when nothing else is holding strong.

If the shirt off of their back is all they possess, they still make use of what they have.

Requests can be made by them for certain clothing, candles, flashlights, shoes and a backpack and HOTS will provide to them next time around. There is a constant need in the homeless community — the most important intangible things that they need are good health and faith.

God is on the move in many mighty ways.

His plan for these people could be to ground us, and make us realize how fortunate we actually are. To end on this, next time you don’t get something you want or complain about an issue that can be easily resolved, just remember that there is always someone fighting another battle, someone wishing to be you.

“Where there is no struggle, there is no strength.” — Oprah WinfreyScreen Shot 2016-09-04 at 9.39.28 PM