Vanilla Ice Ice Baby

Despite it being called ‘bland’, vanilla ice cream is the best

Vanilla Ice Ice Baby

Claire Powell, Editor-in-Chief

It’s summer. The sun is out, the kids are playing in the pool, and everyone is relaxed. What may help with that perfect summer day? Ice cream. Some might pick chocolate-chip cookie dough, red velvet, or strawberry; but you know what’s the best ice cream? Vanilla.

Sure, vanilla ice cream seems boring, but there’s so much you could do with it. You can add sprinkles, chocolate sauce, peanuts and more. You can add on to the great flavor already presented.

Even vanilla by itself is a trip you don’t want to forget. It’s creamy, smooth, and delicious. Vanilla is so classic that no matter what day or what mood it’s the perfect flavor.

If you ever want even more of a vanilla flavor, you can get vanilla bean ice cream which is also fantastic.

Also, vanilla ice cream is always available no matter where you are. Hard to find strawberry ooey-gooey chocolate swirl is it? Vanilla is always only a step away.

Vanilla may seem bland, yes, but it’s an ice cream anyone can enjoy and add their own spin to the classic ice cream flavor.